Brought to us by the genius mind of Jordan Peele, Us is a film that cannot be brought to justice by any summary. This is a film that you must see for yourself because it is an experience that will have you leaving the theater with so many questions and a unwavering desire to break down this film to a molecular level of understanding. This film has so much, it falls into so many genres: comedy, thriller, horror, psychological, and mystery.

I strongly recommend watching this movie for yourself and avoiding any sort of summary, but for the sake of this review, I will give a basic summary while avoiding any important details because I want you all to experience the mind-blowing cinematography and plot.

Red and Adelaide meeting in the Wilson summer beach house.

Adelaide, Gabe, and their two children, Zora and Jason are taking a vacation and are spending time at their family beach house. We learn that as a child, Adelaide had a traumatic experience at that beach and is reluctant to see it again, but gives in to her family and agrees to go. That same night as they prepare for bed, Jason informed his parents that he spotted a family standing in their driveway, prompting Gabe to stand outside twice as he fails to intimidate them.
Cornering them, this mysterious family reveals themselves to be their doppleganger’s, Adelaide’s doppleganger telling her a story in which she describes herself as Adelaide’s shadow that goes by the name of Red. The family manages to escape their dopplegangers and rush to their friends, the Tylers’ home only to find that they have all been murdered by their own dopplegangers. The Wilsons watch the news to see that everyone in the area is being hunted by their dopplegangers and standing together to form a human chain. Red manages to kidnap Jason, prompting Adelaide to chase after her and enter through the maze of mirrors she had gotten lost in as a child.
Adelaide confronts Red and after a struggle, manages to kill Red, releasing strange animalistic noises as she does this. Jason reunites with her and they escape in an ambulance with the rest of the family. As Adelaide is driving it is revealed that Adelaide had met Red in the house of mirrors as a child and the real Adelaide was forced into the underground with the others while the doppleganger took her place on the surface. Jason seems to have realized this as well and looks strangely at his mother while she casts him a small smile.

Pluto, Abraham, Red, and Umbrae holding hands outside the Wilson peoperty

After watching Jordan Peele’s Get Out, I went in expecting to feel as shocked watching Us as I was with Get Out and was not disappointed. The film can’t beat Get Out, but it is definitely another masterpiece from Jordan Peele. Aside from the fact that these characters are running from themselves, these dopplegangers communicate through grunts and snarls and move in such quick inhumane ways that you can’t help but feel uneasy simply by looking at them. The group of them known as The Tethered, all dawn a red jumpsuit, a glove, and a pair of scissors that they use to kill their surface twins.

Joran Peele has a way of making you laugh in moments you wouldn’t normally have laughed in, and it works a way of deflating this tension before suddenly thrusting you back into this terrifying moment before you even have time to catch your breath. You are ultimately left with more questions than answers, but there is enough there to either piece together the events of past and present as well as create a guess as to what has occurred on and off the screen.

This movie is an absolute recommendation and if you are not a fan of horror/psychological films, I still recommend this film if you like unique and shocking plots.

Rating: 5/5

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