This is Me

Well, I suppose any great blog begins with an introduction. My name is Vanessa and I am a writer, I mean, trying to be the best writer I can be would be the most accurate as I feel I have still so much to learn before I can feel satisfied with calling myself a writer. I write a lot of fiction, but have lately discovered a love for nonfiction, something I never thought I would even think of writing outside of a classroom setting and yet here I am. I always thought about writing a blog and had even made a few on various pop culture topics through Tumblr but finally decided to take it more seriously and actually explore this interest of mine. I honestly wish I would have taken the leap three years ago when I was beginning my second year of college and was slowly beginning to get a grasp on my life and goals. But as the saying goes, better late than never and I definitely won’t stand for pushing this adventure any further than now. 

I am a college student triple majoring in English, Creative Writing, and Media/Cultural Studies which means I don’t really have much time to do the things I would normally do in my free time. Three majors sound insane and I get the same reaction from my peers but honestly I love it and the only pressure I feel is making sure I get the classes I need before graduation. I have two quarters left aside from the current one before I am officially done with my undergraduate studies and next will be my next goal: grad school. An MFA program with a focus in fiction is what I am aiming for what I am also going to spend time in seeing what programs I qualify for and may even be interested in other than an MFA in Creative Writing. I am going to continue being a writer regardless of what career I may decide upon in the upcoming future, but it still terrifies me of what exactly I will choose to do after an MFA program or if I don’t make it towards an MFA program immediately after my undergraduate. For now, I am leisurely exploring my options and enjoying the opportunities to be learning under the amazing educators at the university. 

So aside from being a growing writer, I also claim the title of a gamer, and by gamer I mean the direct definition being “a person who plays games” and not the more known meaning of it being someone who plays games and is good at them. I get the whole spiel of being a fake gamer every so often, whatever that may mean, but I still claim the title of gamer in that it is something I love and I continue to participate in. I have played video games since I was ten years old when my parents took my two younger brothers and I to get our first gaming system, a Gameboy Advance, and from there I have moved to various platforms including the PS1, PS2, Nintendo DSI, PSP, Xbox One and PS4. I currently use the Xbox One console as my primary gaming system with the PS4 being me and my brothers’ shared console where we play exclusive game titles. Gaming has been making a huge growth these past few years and as developers continue to release big titles, I felt it was the perfect time to begin sharing my thoughts on them rather than annoying my siblings with my long banters. 

My life isn’t what I would describe as exciting but I always something I want to say or write about so that’s what I am going to do with the hopes that you all get to enjoy reading things from literature to gaming and even getting the scoop on my daily adventure as a college student. 

Here’s to the start of something epic! 


Here is the only picture of myself that doesn’t make me cringe looking at it.

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